The Book in One Sentence:

Factfulness is about the ten instincts that distort our perspective of the world and prevent us from seeing how it actually is.

Factfulness Summary:

10 Instincts That Distort Our Perspective
*The Gap Instinct. Our tendency to divide things into two distinct and often conflicting groups with an imagined gap between them (e.g. us and them).

*The Negativity Instinct. Our tendency to notice the bad more than the good (e.g. believing that things are getting worse when things are actually getting better).

*The Straight Line Instinct. Our tendency to assume that a line will just continue straight and ignoring that such lines are rare in reality.

*The Fear Instinct. Our hardwired tendency to pay more attention to frightening things.

*The Size Instinct. Our tendency to get things out of proportion, or misjudge the size of things (e.g. we systematically overestimate the proportions of immigrants in our countries.)

*The Generalization Instinct. Our tendency to mistakenly group together things or people, or countries that are actually very different.

*The Destiny Instinct. The idea that innate characteristics determine the destinies of people, countries, religions, or cultures; that things are as they are because of inescapable reasons.

*The Single Perspective. Our tendency to focus on a single cause or perspective when it comes to understanding the world (e.g. forming your worldview by relying on the media, alone).

*The Blame Instinct. Our tendency to find a clear, simple reason for why something bad has happened.

*The Urgency Instinct. Our tendency to take immediate action in the face of perceived imminent danger, and in doing so, amplifying our other instincts.